Mommy of two adorable lil girls, I am constantly introspecting on how to make the journey of childhood a memorable experience for my children.Hence, this blog will be a lot about parenting. But as a parent, I always feel stories gather my children’s attention better than lectures (there are still a lot of lectures though!), and hence, started weaving tales around the things I wanted to teach my children, and hence came the kid’s fiction. I am a master storyteller now 🙂
Also, Mom being the one role I have played for a very long time in my grown up life now (besides wife, but I think I kinda aced the ‘mom’ bit better… my husband will heartily agree!),  you will get to read a lot about mommy life, mommisms and mom cribs:) And a piece of women’s fact and fiction thrown in somewhere in between (feminist in me can’t resist)! Microfiction is my favourite genre currently!
Previously, an HR professional( and contemplating to get back if you don’t like my writing!), I have worked in various Fortune 500 firms across the globe, am currently on a break to be with my kids. I invite you on this marvellous and maddening journey of parenthood, and life with me.